Pet friendly airline and Krakow Airport

Hello again! As you all know, I am professionally involved in raising and training animals. However, I do it not mainly for work, but simply out of passion. I love these crazy quadrupeds and I cannot imagine to part with them even for a week! Therefore, my companions, fulfill my dreams related to distant travels and explore the world with me!

Many of you have written to me many times asking for some tips on traveling with your pets. Indeed, I find this question very important and difficult at times. Especially nowadays, when more and more people travel taking their pets with them, but there are also those who appreciate the VIP class without hairy companions.

How is it with this travel?

It is said that animals generally do not like to travel. I think this is a very skeptical and not always true statement. It all depends on the animal, the breed and the attitude of the owner, as well as the travel conditions. Of course we all like to explore new places, but when it comes to pets… hm it depends on the conditions in which we travel, right? Every trip is stressful for them – as it can be for us. It’s mostly about what conditions we provide for our pets. Would you want to travel with 5 other people in a 2-seater car? Or with a mask over your face amidst a crowded bus?

Fortunately, more and more carriers give the opportunity to provide our pets with decent traveling conditions. They create for them special zones, separate seats, or simply the possibility of buying a seat as for a passenger. Of course, for a journey with a hamster will not pay as much as for the transport of the German Shepherd. However, the very fact of improving conditions and expanding opportunities is very happy for us!

Back to Krakow

Due to good memories from my last stay in Krakow, I decided to come back there with my pets. Especially since the airlines offer a separate seat for the dog and the Krakow airport is very positively disposed towards animals and they even have their own pet! You can read more about it here:

You have understood correctly! The airport in Balice experiences a real siege during vacations. However, not everyone likes flying. Those who are afraid to get on a plane can relax by playing with their four-legged companion. The dog works at the airport twice a week, for two hours at a time. Anyway, “working” is too much to say – for him it’s just fun. Zen loves people and from a puppy he was used to working in crowds.

First…paws? 🙂

Immediately after landing, my dog, being a very sociable character immediately rushed to greet the mentioned friend Zen. In the meantime I’ve ordered private transportation from the airport to the city center to save myself from taking public transport, which is not really comfortable for my dog and for me loaded with luggage. KrakowDirect served us at the highest level, quickly and efficiently. By the way, I talked to the driver about the local tours and interesting places offered.

How to spend time with our pet in this charming place?

The weather was good from the beginning, it was sunny but not hot, perfect weather for long walks. Which we both love! My number one observation – Krakow is a very dog friendly place. It’s worth mentioning at the outset that we visited several restaurants, met new buddies and new walking places, but one by one.

In the hotel where we stayed, a bottle of good champagne and fresh fruit was waiting for me in the room, and for my buddy a bowl of water and dry snacks. Such surprises always improve the mood 🙂 We set off for a walk around the former capital city, heading along the Vistula boulevards with a crowd of other tourists. We also visited Błonia Park, where you can meet many dog friends. Different breeds, different temperaments, energy… a circus on wheels! Nothing but playing, chasing and biting to the death. And although on the pictures their faces look quite threatening, you can believe me that there was not a shadow of aggression in their play.

Even closer to nature

Half an hour away from Krakow there is a wonderful Ojców National Park. You can visit it together with dogs, as long as they are kept by their owners on leash. You won’t be able to enter only the caves, but the rest of the park is free. Ojców National Park is very picturesque and on a sunny weekend it was visited by a whole bunch of tourists. These views of greenery, huge rocks are really impressive.


Museum and Stained Glass Workshop

I also like unusual museums. But I have to take into account the places I can visit with furs. So I could not pass up a visit just there.

The museum is inconspicuous, I think you can even miss it, especially that the National Museum is just a stone’s throw away. However, it is worth looking around for stained glass windows. The price of admission may not be low, but the animals visit for free. You just have to remember that this is not only a museum but also a continuously operating workshop. And it operates since 1902! Therefore, it is better to keep your pet short.

We visited standing at the end of a small group, which is undoubtedly a plus not only from the dog’s side, but without any problems we participated in all the guiding, telling and showing.

Next time

As I mentioned, I talked to the driver from JTP Group about their interesting tours around the city and beyond. And I already know that next time I would love to go to Auschwitz Museum and Wieliczka Salt Mine. Unfortunately, due to the nature of these places, there is a ban on entry with animals. This is understandable for me and I fully respect it, so I think that if my treasure stays with someone else for 2 days, nothing will happen to him and maybe he will miss me even more! Big hugs to you and until the next one!

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