Travelling With Pets Tips

Many of you have been asking me for some tips regarding traveling with animals. Indeed I consider this question to be very important issue. Especially nowadays, when people travel more and more taking with themselves their pets. It is said that animals dislike travelling. False. They don’t disilike either like it. With animals is just like with us people.

Obviously we like to explore new places but regarding commuting there… hm it depends on the conditions we are travelling in, doesn’t it? The same is with our pets. Of course, every trip is stressful for them -just like for us. The issue is what conditions do we provide our pets with. Would you like to travel with 5 other persons in a 2 seat car? Obviously now…

Would your big Labrador like to travel in a super small cage? Let’s leave it without a comment. So yeah, your dog may enjoy the trip wherever you’re taking him if you provide him with good travelling conditions. Lastly, about 3 weeks ago I was travelling with my Chihuahua called Sisi. Some may think it’s much easier to travel with such tiny dog. But it isn’t!

Even a little Chihuahua has the same needs that a big Labrador does. My problem was even bigger since I had no one and no place to leave my puppy even for a few hours. Of course I provided appropriate conditions for Sisi including comfortable cage during the flight to Prague and later specific carriers that my little one didn’t want to get out of! However, the real problem has occurred later on. Sometimes we are really spontaneous so when we’ve heard about Prague drifting adventure we simply could’t resist! The question was – what’s with Sisi? t It  is said that you learn by your mistakes.

My Sisi on the road!

My Sisi on the road!

And now I know exactly what this saying means! Though we have planned the trip very meticulously we didn’t predicted everything. We didn’t predict that visiting the rafting tour may be forbidden with dogs! It was indeed. What could we do… we were travelling so long to get there and they told us ‘stop’. We had several options – go back to our hostel or go rafting one by one. Each one was hopeless… Fortunately, our driver turned out to be so great person!

He offered he can stay with Sisi and take care of her while we’re visiting the and exploring the city in rafts. He had a huge experience in pets caring because he’s got a few(!) dogs! Living in the city! Incredible. So, thanks to our driver we could do our spontaneous tour So, guys, nowadays this is normal that we travel everywhere with our pets but let’s remember about providing them good travelling conditions.

Travelling with pets doesn't have to be bothering!

Travelling with pets doesn’t have to be bothering!

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