Sally&Mally Are Waiting For You

Two cute puppies left in the local forest tied to a tree! I always though such stories are only in movies! Until I found these two skinny and exhausted poohs. The first think I’ve got in my mind when I saw them was omg how is this possible?!

Who are those people that do such things! I couldn’t understand! I was so moved! But I didn’t waste a minute! I couldn’t let those two poor creatures stay there any minute more! I took a knife and cut the ropes that somebody used to tide the pets tights to the tree. What was the most terrifying the poohs was so scared of me!

Sweet Sally and Mally

Sweet Sally and Mally

They were so wasted and wrecked and seemed to be so fragile… I didn’t know how to bring them up. Didn’t want to hurt them. Well, they were already hurt so much. However, I unfolded my spare blanket in the car, lifted the poohs carefully, put them to the car, wrapped in the blanked and moved the car gently. The little dogs where very scared and all I could hear was their low sequel. They looked really tiny! They were so undernourished…

I was just wondering how long have they been tied to the tree!! Once we got to the city I took them to a doctor and what he said terrified me so bad! According to him, if the puppies had stayed in the forest one more night, it would end tragically. Today both, Sally as well as Mally are safe and sound dogs waiting for some loving person to take them in. They are very cheerful and graceful title ones. Certainly they will bring a lot of joy in your house and in your whole life.

All they need is your love and interest. If their bright eyes convince you, then contact us as soon as possible. The pets can’t wait to meet their new owner.

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