A Few Words About Me

I’m Elliot and I am 47 year old. For 20 years I am a professional animal caregiver. I have been always interested in animal world but not until I was 27 did I start thinking about working with pets.

Before I began studies I used to study medicine. I always felt that what I want do for the living is helping others. But when I graduated from the medical school I realised animals need my help the same or even more hen eople! So I started studying veterinary science. And this is how the story began. Few years later I decided to set up an animal sanctuary.

So many times I saw those poor, sad, ownerless dogs and cats on the streets, nearby my home… I couldn’t handle it! How anybody may just rat his pet! After all this is jst as they rat their child! People are so cruel I though… Yes, I new those poor little creatures so badly need me. I couldn’s just leave them alone. So I have mobilized a few of my good friends to help me. Thanks to them I have created a house for ratted animals.

Many of our pets are just straggler but we host also pets ow owners who just don’t want them any more. It’s kind of strange for me since I believe that pets are equivalend members of a family. Would you be able to leave a little baby behind? To throw it like a trash?! Pets are just the same… they are unprotected, longing and just left alone. A pet is not like a humen. A pet is unable to survive in a urban jungle on it’s own. When you throw your pet over you better know you condemn it to death.

„The Best of Pets House” is to give all the animals in demand a sanctuary. Regularly I post on this blog announements regarding pet that need a new home. Thanks to your good will a fe hundred of animals have found a new home and new family. Follow the posts and be up o date, maybe some day you decide to gather one of our super-sweet charges.

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