I Give You Pushin!

Pushih is a 4 year old Sphynx that looks for some nice family to join.Pushin has been staying at „The Best of Pets” from 5 months. The cat was found on a street where he was wandering around for a few weeks. It seemed like he was waiting for his owner but the one never came.

Pushin in it's entirety

Pushin in it’s entirety

Finalle I started to fatten him suspecting somebody has just abandoned the poor kitten! I was right. Nobody has reported the cat lost so I decided to take him under my protection. I took care of him, provided with a veterinary service. He’ve been diagnosed with toxocariasis and that’s why given to us. It needed less then 3 months for him o mend.

When Pushin drifted to „The Best of Pets House” he was very weak and lazy. Like most of abandoned pets the kitten used to have a lot of fleas. Today the kitty is one of he biggest troublemaker in here! Obviously, he’s so cute and charming that noone can gat angry with him. You just to look in his sweet eyes and you forget all his excesses.

Despite of the hurting experiences Pushin is very trusting and seems to be carefree but in fact he’s a very clever and wary pet! Now the cat is getting fat a little bit but no worries! Sphynx cats never get too fat! He is very cuddlesome creature and needs your attention all the time! Moreover Pushin is extremely grateful kitten and once you show him a little love he’s not gonna let you go!

One is certain, this cat is supersweet and if this picture doesn’t convince you, you must be a dog-person.I would love to keep this little thing tith me but regarding all the different pets I take care of I am sure Pushin would be much happier in other family where he would be given as much attention as he deserves. And he deserves all the best.

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